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IWAI Homepage

 The Inland Waterways Association of Ireland, Dublin, represents those concerned with the protection and utilisation of our waterways within Dublin City and County.  We take a direct interest in what happens on:

Our Objectives are:

  • To improve conditions on the Dublin Canals for the benefit of all users, including walkers, boaters and anglers.
  • To encourage greater usage of the River Liffey from the Eastlink to Islandbridge.
  • To attract new members to our ranks.

 Our activities
are supported by:

The Dublin Branch of IWAI was founded in 1964

Proposed by-law changes threaten our canals

We, the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI) have major concerns on proposed changes to the existing by laws governing our canals.

See the main IWAI website on the proposed bye-law changes here which includes press releases.
Photo shows part of the large attendance at public meeting held on 28th Jan 2014 which addressed the issue of the proposed bye-law changes.

Upcoming Events:

Rally 2017 See here for events - .

See us on facebook


News related to Dublin's waterways is here.

Green & Silver route

Tired of seeing the same stretches of our waterways?  Why not think about doing the "Green & Silver" route in 2016 - that's the circle or triangle formed by the Shannon, Grand Canal, Liffey, Royal Canal and Camlin river. More information here.

IWAI Dublin, small-boat register

Dublin is blessed with three navigable waterways, the Grand Canal, the Royal Canal and the River Liffey.  All three are completely underutilised.  We appreciate that not everyone has a barge, cruiser or similar that is (1) suitable for the canals and (2) is convenient to Dublin.  To that end, IWAI Dublin organises a number of Small Boat Rallies on Dublin's waterways - by small boats, we mean tenders, RIBS, canoes, steam launches and similar.  .  Click on the icon at right for a sample of what we get up to:

IWAI-branded lifejackets - member's offer

We have IWAI-branded Lifejackets available in Red (shown) or Blue, priced at €50.  Contact us for details.

Get your Dublin Branch Burgee

Get your Dublin Branch of IWAI burgee - available from any committee member (email or phone) or at branch events.  Cost is €20 + P&P.  If you have one, then please contribute to our Burgees on Tour section.

Odds and Ends

If you have views on Dublin Waterways you are welcome to express them to Dublin Branch, IWAI.
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