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The Camlin River is one route into Richmond Harbour from the River Shannon. Photo Michael Slevin
The Camlin River, Photo Paddy McCormack
Crew of Leitrim Star at Richmond Harbour, April 9th Photo Michael Slevin
Bord Na Móna bridge has to be lifted by WI personnel Photo Michael Slevin
Crew of Leitrim Star having lunch en-route. Photo Michael Slevin
A Ghost Fishing, Photo Paddy McCormack
Rikishi near Keenagh, Photo Paddy McCormack
Sunset at Lock 32, Photo Paddy McCormack
Stop at Furey's , Photo Paddy McCormack
Braningan Harbour, Ballymahon, Photo Paddy McCormack
Boat handling by Luke & Niall from the Erne, in the lock at  Thomastown Bridge, Killucan on the Royal Canal on our voyage to the Dublin Rally 2011. Photo Sinéad Farrelly
Photo taken at Riverstown bridge near Killucan.

Photos shows some of the Belturbet crew which made the trip every weekend. Photo Sinéad Farrelly
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These are photographs from the 2011 Dublin Rally showing (1) the descent into Dublin on the Royal Canal, (2) Grand Canal, (3) the boats in the Grand Canal Dock, ... more to come. Our thanks to the photographers for forwarding us their photos. Photographers are indicated by the photo's filename as follows: CN* (Conor Nolan), EA* (Erica Allen), JOR* (Jim O'Riordan), MD* (Marie Davis), MG* (Mark Gleeson), MK* (Mick Kinahan), MS* (Michael Slevin), PL* (Padraig Leddy), PMC* (Paddy McCormack), RL* (Rachel Leech), SF* (Sinéad Farrelly), TO* (Trin Olvet).
More photos are welcome. Submit photos to: , together with photographer's name, location featured and any other relevant information. If you recognise your (unattributed) photo on this or any of our galleries, please let us know so that we can properly credit it. Note that while every photo is tagged with an IWAI watermark, copyright remains with the photographer.
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